The beauty of Woodcraft Folk is that we’re not paid to do this. Instead, we’re driven by a desire to make amazing and loving spaces for children and young people to become themselves while learning to change the world. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you were a beneficiary of this desire, so why not give back? Woodcraft groups and events across the country (or even the world!) need talented young people to help out however they can. Whether it’s by being a group leader who leads weekly sessions; by dropping in whenever you can to help out; by being a group treasurer or any combination/variation, do what you can to keep our movement alive.



Established Groups currently seeking volunteers:

  • Diss Pioneers
  • North Cambridge Pioneers
  • St Neots Pioneers
  • Thorpe Hamlet Pioneers (Norwich)
  • Peterborough Pioneers
  • Norwich Venturers
  • Lowestoft Elfins and Pioneers
  • Waveney Valley Elfins and Pioneers

New Groups seeking volunteers:

  • Diss Venturers
  • St Neots Venturers
  • Ipswich Pioneers
  • Bury St Edmunds Pioneers
  • Peterborough Venturers
  • Thetford Pioneers

If you’re interested and available for any of these positions, please contact Pippa Gardner at pippa@woodcraftfolk.org.uk or on 07422966197 and she’ll set you up with the right people.



We need someone in the Manchester area to help with our Chorlton venturer group. They meet weekly from 7-8.30pm. We already have a nice team of volunteers so we don’t need you to commit to literally every week, but just whenever you can :).

please contact communications@spanthatworld.com if you’re interested.


Have anything excited lined up in the future? Starting a new Woodcraft Group or district and want some DF participants and group leaders? Let us know so we can get the word out! We literally can’t do this without you!

email: communications@spanthatworld.com or districts@spanthatworld.com