About Us

We are aged 16-20 and part of the Woodcraft Folk, a grassroots co-operative movement for young people. Everything we do is run our members, including our website.

Why are we called ‘DFs’?
DF stands for District Fellow. We call ourselves this because we are the oldest young people in our districts.

What do we believe in?
As an organisation, we believe in peace, equality, environmental justice, co-operation and youth empowerment.

What do we do?
There are DF groups all over the country and members meet up locally to catch up with friends, play games and organise local events. On a national level, we hold camps and social events where we develop lasting friendships, sing songs and run workshops. We also run a campaign which changes every 2 years. In 2018, we voted to start a new campaign on Trade Unions and Workers Rights, educating about the importance of trade unions and your rights at work.

What do we learn about?
As young people, we are the future, so it’s vital we’re aware of the world, how to share it peacefully and treat it well. We learn about war and peace, struggles for equality and looking after the environment. We also run educational projects, like MEST-UP (Mediation, Education, Support Team Umbrella Project) where we learn about sex, consent, drugs and mental health, and PARTY (Politically Active Revolutionary Thinking Youth) where we learn about politics and activism.

How are we run?
We are an autonomous democratic organisation and are entirely self-run. We elect members to DF Committee, our organising body, and vote on how the organisation is run at business events called Things.

Find out more about us by exploring our website. You can also have a look at our Instagram, Facebook page and Twitter.