DF Camp 2019 Info Pack

Event Information

Below is all the non location specific information about the event. All this information – and more details about travel – will be in the Welcome Pack you receive after booking.


Role Name Contact
Admin Theo James-Lucas DF Camp e-mail
KE Bilbo Wootton
Day programme Sarah Bennett, Maranda Mallinson-Pocock email
Evening Programme Elsie Hughes
KP Emma Draper, Jacob Bradshaw
Accessibility Joe Irving, Tessa Ramsey Brooks email
Events/Shadow Events Robin Lyster, Alex Smithson Swain Events email, Shadow Events email

Kit List!

  • Travel documents (train tickets, bus tickets, railcards etc)
  • Payment: £90 cash or cheque (unless pre-paid)
  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • Tent
  • Clothing for 7 days, including:
    • Spare socks
    • Warm clothes
    • Waterproof coat
    • Waterproof boots
    • Fancy dress
    • Hot water bottle
  • Fun stuff, like:
    • Instruments
    • Ideas
    • Creativity
    • Nice and comfy stuff for MEST-UP spaces
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Towel
  • Wash kit
  • Sanitary items
  • Medication
  • Tea towel for washing up
  • Crockery and cutlery



If you, or someone you know, has a programme idea you would like to see this Spring Awakening, please email [email protected].

Programme ideas can be anything, including Arts, Performance or discussions.


The event costs £90 in total. This covers everything except your travel. If you only come for part of the event it’s £12.14 per night plus £5 fairer fare.

What is fairer fare? A system to spread travel costs more evenly, so those who have expensive travel are still able to come. You may be able to claim back some travel costs after the event, talk to the treasurer for this.

Payment options:

  • Pay in advance via bank transfer with the reference “yournameDFCAMP2019”. If you have the same name as other DFs, or have a common name, consider using part of your surname as an identifier. The details are:
    • Name: Woodcraft Folk DFs
    • Sort code: 089250
    • Account Number: 65361195
  • Bring £90 in cash to the event. Please remember to bring extra money in case you need to get a taxi, food, etc so you don’t spend your payment cash.
  • Bring cheque for £90 addressed to “Woodcraft Folk DFs.”

If you have any problems or questions, please email [email protected]

Booking Cancellation – Important

If you booked and cannot attend the event, please contact Robin Lyster at [email protected] straight away, as it’s crucial we know so we can organise the event.

If you cancel less than a week before the event, we might ask for full or partial payment for the event, as food orders or other payments may have already been made.

MEST-UP Training Opportunity
What’s MEST-UP?Standing for Mediation, Education Support Team Umbrella Program, MEST-UP is a programme of workshops delivered by a trained and impartial team of DF’s that aim to educate people on event, as well as provide emotional and conflict resolving information to aid the mental well-being and enjoyment of camp to all of the individuals there; equally and unbiased.Training info:

It takes place in the weekend before the camp, 21st July to 24th July.

If you are coming you should already be booked. If you really want to go but haven’t booked you might be able to email the MEST-UP Reps and beg them, so give it a go!


This year’s DF Camp will be held near Exeter, and the nearest station is Whimple. It is best to get your tickets to Exeter (St Davids or Coach station)

On site accessability

This year we are camping in a Scout site and sharing with some Scout groups. This means we must be mindful of noise and be quiet when walking near their camp. We are permitted to use one of the fields on site, and there are gravel tracks in between fields including between the field and toilets. There are currently ‘gendered’ toilets that we cannot change due to sharing them with the Scouts, but there will be a gender neutral toilet on the field/site.

The site itself doesn’t have hot water but we will be borrowing water heaters from Exeter district.


If you would like your medication to be stored safely in the central area we can arrange that, just mention it on your booking form. If you have already booked, please email us.


If you require full wheelchair accessibility contact us (Tessa and Joe) using [email protected] and tell us your access needs so we can try to make sure that the site is made more suitable for you.

As with any field, access for manual wheelchairs is poor. The gravel tracks do not make this any better. If you would like us to arrange the hire of a wheelchair that is more suitable for off road/grassy conditions then contact the accessibility reps, or mention it on your booking form.


If you require any form of mobility assistance then mention it on your booking form. Although we cannot promise the highest of tech we would be willing to hire:

  • Manual wheelchairs,
  • Motorised wheelchairs,
  • Buggy type scooters.

Why can’t we promise? At the moment DFs do not have an Accessibility budget, so expenditures rely on other areas going under budget. If you would like to change this, submit a motion for the next thing yourself or mention it to Joe or Tessa on camp and we will get on it!


The nearest shop is a small village shop/post office that is a 15 minute cycle away, and about an hour walk.

Communal Bicycle

There will be at least one communal bicycle available for DFs to make short off-site trips.

Traveling to the site

If you’re looking for cheap ways to travel from your town/city to Exeter then check out the handy Travel Guide for cheap travel routes.The info here is for the last part of the journey.

The nearest station is Whimple.

Public transport


The nearest station is Whimple, which is a 1 hour 30 minute walk from the site.


To get the bus, buy your ticket to Exeter. All info about routes and tickets will be in the Welcome Pack, sent out after you book.

All bus routes are between 1 and 2 hours from Exeter St Davids, and include 40 mins of walking.


The cycle from Whimple to the site takes 30 mins. If you would like us to arrange a bicycle so you can cycle from the station then simply click here to email the Accessibility Reps. We would love if more people cycled to camp.


You can take a taxi from the train to the site, and if you share you can split the cost!

Need to know more?

The welcome pack will be sent out to people who book and has more information about routes and costs etc

Please Contact Us (the accessibility reps, Tessa and Joe) before camp if you have any queries that haven’t been covered here. It is much easier to sort out problems before camp starts, so we would be happy to hear from you!

Travel to Exeter

Pick your starting city:

City To Exeter, 24th July Back, 31st July
Aberystwyth /Lampeter /Machynlleth /Cardiff Get the 8:25-13:40 megabus from Aberystwyth to Bristol for £5.75. This bus stops in Lampeter and Cardiff, so check your times to match with the arrival at Bristol. Then, get the train 13:58-15:33 from Bristol Temple Meads to Exeter for £3.95. Total cost £9.70. Get the 14:24-15:22 train from Exeter to Bristol for £17.50, or the 13:05-15:30 megabus for £8.80, then the 15:45-21:50 megabus to Aberystwyth for £5.75. Total cost £14.55 or £23.25.
Bradford /Leeds Get the 10:33-15:44 train from Bradford to Exeter for £27.58. This train changes at Leeds from 10:53 to 11:11, so if you’re from Leeds, just get the same train for a similar price. Alternatively, get the 11:45-19:45 megabus for £9.15 from Leeds to Exeter. Get the 9:45-18:20 megabus from Exeter to Leeds for £12.03, then a train from Leeds to Bradford for £2.90. Total cost £14.93. Trains are like £70, don’t bother unless you’re scrooge mcduck.
Cambridge Get the 8:49-13:03 train to Exeter for £17.50. Later trains are more expensive and megabus routes are complicated. Get the 14:35-19:30 megabus to London Victoria for £4.33. Then, get the tube to Kings Cross for £2.40 with an oyster card or contactless. Then, get the 20:09-21:03 train from Kings Cross to Cambridge for £16.55. Total cost £23.28. Trains alone are at least £50.
Glasgow You can take the 8:00-14:44 train there for £35.24. Alternatively, you can also get the megabus from Glasgow to Manchester at 7:00-11:30 for £10.10, then the 12:05-16:07 train from Manchester to Exeter for £23.37, total cost £23.37. You can also get the 8:40-12:58 train from Glasgow to Birmingham for £21.84, and the 15:05-19:45 megabus from Birmingham to Exeter for £7.00, total cost £28.84. Get the 9:45-16:35 megabus from Exeter to Manchester for £12.03, then the 17:30-20:42 train from Manchester to Glasgow for £25.37. Total cost £37.40.
Liverpool/Manchester Get the 11:47-16:07 train from Liverpool for Exeter for £21.10. Alternatively, get the 11:25-12:00 train from Liverpool to Manchester for £2.10, then the 12:40-19:45 megabus to Exeter for £9.15, total cost £11.25. Finally, you could get the 11:27 to 15:44 train from Manchester to Exeter for £22.65. Get the 9:45-16:35 megabus from Exeter to Manchester for £12.03, then the National Express Coach (580) from Manchester to Liverpool at 17:20 for £3.00. Total cost £15.03.
Newcastle Get the 9:00-19:45 megabus to Exeter for £20.11. Alternatively, get the 10:35 to 16:07 train from Newcastle to Exeter for £33.97. You could also get the 10:43-14:05 train from Newcastle to Birmingham for £18.68, then the 15:05-19:45 megabus from Birmingham to Exeter for £7.00, totalling £25.68. Get the 9:45-21:05 megabus from Exeter to Newcastle for £20.11. Trains are £100 and upwards (or £120 return), which is literally more expensive than the event, so don’t do that.
Norwich /London Get the 10:00-15:15 train from Norwich to Exeter for £25.40. Alternatively, get the 9:30-11:19 train from Norwich to Liverpool Street for £9.25, use contactless or an oyster card to get from Liverpool Street to London Victoria for £2.40, and get the 12:00-16:55 megabus from London Victoria to Exeter for £4.71, total cost £16.36. If you take the train from London, get the 14:20-17:42 from London Paddington to Exeter for £9.55. Get the 14:35-19:30 megabus to London Victoria for £4.33. Then, get the 20:30-23:50 National Express Coach (490) from London Victoria to Norwich for £3.00. Total cost £7.33. If you want to get the train to London, get the 13:25-16:49 from Exeter to London Waterloo for £9.55, then get the tube to London Victoria for £2.40 with an oyster card or contactless, then the 18:00-21:15 National Express Coach from London Victoria to Norwich for £5.60. Total cost £17.55.
Sheffield Get the 12:40-19:05 megabus from Sheffield Meadowhall to Exeter for £12.03. Alternatively, get the 10:56-14:44 direct train to Exeter for £22.41. Get the 13:00-21:05 National Express Coach (337) from Exeter to Sheffield for £15.80. Megabus routes are not yet confirmed for this route.


You’re already there! For safeguarding reasons we can’t publicly post the address of the site, but rest assured you’re just a stone’s throw away from the camp.

I don’t live in or near any of these cities

If you aren’t near these places, you are probably in the lucky position of living relatively near to Exeter! This means you can book your travel as normal, and it won’t be prohibitively expensive.

If, however, you live far away and aren’t near any of the cities mentioned, please message [email protected] saying what city you’re from and I’ll do my best to find a cheap way to get to DF Camp.

Taking your bicycle to DF Camp 2019


Taking your bicycle by train is often faster and a much more sustainable
way of travelling, so we highly recommend it.

It makes the end – and often the start – of your journey more predictable
and normally as fast as a bus, if not faster.

Taking your bicycle on a train

Most train companies have their own cycles on trains policy, with many
requiring reservations. To get a bicycle reservation on your train go to a
ticket office at any station and they should be able to print of reservations
to attach to your cycle, just tell them the journey you’re taking. You can get
them online but it is much easier in person.

The majority of trains have sections dedicated to holding cycles, so before
you get on your train ask some staff at the station where you should board
the train. Almost all train companies are understanding if you make a
mistake and board in the wrong place..

But LNER are rarely understanding. Always talk to staff before you get on
and before you get off their trains to make sure your bike goes on and off
the train with you and in the correct place.


  • Bring bike lights, even if you plan to arrive before dark.
  • Don’t cycle on the far left, as this tempts cars to overtake you when they
    really shouldn’t.
  • Wear a helmet, you really don’t want to arrive at camp with a head injury.
  • Never ever overtake a vehicle on the left, especially buses and lorries.
    This is a big blind spot on most vehicles and puts you at risk of being
    run off the side of the road or turned into.
  • Take the directions with you on your phone or a piece of paper, bearing
    in mind your phone might be dead by the time you arrive. If you want hands
    free navigation, put an ear phone in one ear and connect it to your phone
    with Google Maps directions (see linked titles) on it and make sure the
    audible directions are on. You won’t have to stop, and you can keep your
    phone in a waterproof place if it is raining.


If you are bringing a bicycle make sure you have all of the following:

  • Lights, even if you don’t plan to cycle in the dark there is no guarantee
    you won’t
  • Cycle reservations for all journeys
  • A lock, for peace of mind if nothing else
  • Directions, either print this document, rely on your phone or copy them
    out by hand

Optional stuff:

  • Reflective clothing, highly recommended if you’re arriving in the dark
  • Helmet, although they are not a legal requirement a helmet might save your life.
  • Plastic bag to keep your saddle dry.