DF Committee

DF Committee is the elected executive of the DF Movement, managing ever area of our community to make sure everyone has a safe, fun, constructive and accessible time in DFs.

Below is the current composition of the committee:

Committee Member Position Email Address
Nadia Asri Chair [email protected]
Arwel Walker and Jåzzmyne Förbes Fundraising [email protected]
Sophie Holden Training [email protected]
Iolo Walker and Nadia Asri Affiliations [email protected]
Noah Locke and Row ∆ Mestup [email protected]
Robin Lyster Events [email protected]
Brynn Alred Safeguarding [email protected]
Aggie Taylor Treasurer [email protected]
Lara Thornton Berry Shadow Treasurer [email protected]
Ash Taylor Secretary [email protected]
Elliot Francis-Hewett Districts [email protected]
Esther F. Kinn Communications [email protected]
Bridget Sissons 1 Year Lay Member [email protected]
Oliver Howard 2 Year Lay Member [email protected]
Tal Cameron Campaigns [email protected]

Non-Committee Positions:

Representative Position Email Address
Robin Lyster Shadow Events [email protected]
Thalia Tamari London Liason [email protected]
Lucy King First Aid Fairy [email protected]
Katie Lister Venturer Committee Liason [email protected]
Zeph Deakin GC for 1 Year [email protected]
Lara Taylor GC for 2 Years [email protected]
Ruby Kelman International Opportunities [email protected]
Brynn Alred Zine [email protected]
Keir Lawson WebFairy [email protected]
Oliver Howard Podcast [email protected]
Otis Romane Workers Beer [email protected]