DF Committee

DF Committee is the executive of the DF Movement, elected every September at Althing. Each member is in charge of a key aspect of the movement, like events or fundraising. Together, Committee tries to make sure everyone has a worthwhile, fun and accessible time in DFs.

DF Committee (2018-19)
You can now email [email protected] to bring something to the attention of all Committee members.

Name Role Email Address
Oliver Howard Chair [email protected]
Sarah Bennett Vice Chair [email protected]
Miranda Mallinson-Pocock and Sarah Bennett Fundraising [email protected]
Hazel Cawthan Training [email protected]
Chris Bowler Affiliations [email protected]
Noah Locke and Ro Jo MEST-UP [email protected]
Robin Lyster Events [email protected]
Brynn Alred Safeguarding [email protected]
Lara Thornton Berry Treasurer [email protected]
Alexi Brailey-Stämpfli Shadow Treasurer [email protected]
Joel Cockerill-Evans Secretary [email protected]
Elliot Francis-Hewett Districts [email protected]
Alfie Burgh Communications [email protected]
Izzy Stewart Lay Member 1 [email protected]
Beth Aveyard Lay Member 2 [email protected]
Vacant Campaigns [email protected]

Non-Committee roles (2018-19)

Name Role Email Address
Alex Smithson Swain Shadow Events [email protected]
Mina Brailey London Liason [email protected]
Lucy King First Aid Fairy [email protected]
Alex Smithson Swain Venturer Liason [email protected]
Lara Taylor GC Rep 1 [email protected]om
Izzy Stewart GC Rep 2 [email protected]
Tom Windred Web Fairy [email protected]
Vacant Zine Editor [email protected]
Finlay MacTaggart Podcast [email protected]
Amber Sims Sustainability [email protected]

Supervisory role(s) (2018-19)

Name Role Email Address
Tessa Ramsey Brooks and Joe Irving Accessibility [email protected]