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DF Camp 2018





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DF Camp 2018 is the main camp of the year, hosted between the 2nd and 9th August. It would be preferable for people to book to arrive at the station between 12PM and 3AM on the 2nd in order for the opening circle/ceremony to be before dinner. The camp will end on the 9th at 13:00 and please remember we will need people to be around in the morning to help set down the camp, so please don’t leave too early!



This year, DF camp will be hosted in Cambridgeshire, nearest station Cambridge. The site is half an hour bus ride from Cambridge Station (13 Gold, Botanic Gardens to Little Abington High Street, no need for advance purchase), but as also cyclable.

If you would like to cycle, please do! There are many trains which allow bikes, and the ride is very pleasant. We are offering that people who bring their bikes to Cambridge can have their bags transported to the site while they bike – but then we would recommend you getting to Cambridge between 12PM and 3PM.

For those taking the train, the earlier you book, the cheaper your tickets will be. For those leaving from London, the best station to leave from is Liverpool Street Station. Here are some websites which are good for booking train tickets:

https://www.new.trainsplit.com                For cheaper tickets

https://www.thetrainline.com                   For more direct routes

If you are driving, the address of the campsite is:

Abington Woods,

Church Lane,

Little Abington,


CB21 6BQ



The site, Abington Woods, is a 6 acre site with a nice hall and two yurts.


Starts On

2nd August 2018

Ends On

9th August 2018



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