DFs have 3 social events every year:

We also have 4 annual business events:

  • Althing, a big weekend where we discuss the latest in our movement, debate new initiatives, consider policy changes and elect a new Committee
  • Things, 2 smaller weekend events held in alternating regions of the country, where we debate new initiatives and consider policy changes
  • Online Thing, which is one day and will be in June 2020

If you have any questions, please email our Events Rep.

If you need to claim expenses for anything please fill out the expenses form.

Upcoming event details

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21st February 2020 5:00 pm-23rd February 2020 2:00 pm

DFs playing ticket to ride europe

Games Hostel


near Croydon

DFs *first ever* Games Hostel! In East Croydon, on 21st February, DFs are coming together to experience a weekend event…


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6th March 2020 6:00 pm-8th March 2020 3:00 pm

North West(ish) Thing


near Darton Station

Things are events where DFs meet for a 2 night residential to discuss "business": all the stuff that is going…


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4th April 2020-11th November 2019

Spring Awakening


A 4 night camping event in the Easter holidays, often described as relaxed and good for new DFs This year,…

21st July 2020 1:00 pm-25th July 2020 4:00 pm

DF Camp

This years camp will be just 5 days, to make room and energy for Common Ground.

28th August 2020 5:00 pm-30th August 2020 4:00 pm



The annual meeting of DFs to make constitutional changes. To submit and motions or musings, contact the secretary.


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