What to Expect you’re Events-ing

We know that you come to DF events to have a fun time, but it’s important to remember every event you ever go on will be run by young people, for free and in their spare time. Every site you sleep at, every meal you eat, every shit you take is made possible by your friends that volunteered for a coordinator role.

This means that even if you don’t want the added responsibility of organising, you still have a duty to the people on camp with you. Remember the four Camp Cs:

  1. CLEAN YOUR SUT (self, utensils, tents)

We will be on an event with you from anywhere between 2 and 7 days at a time. We don’t want to smell you, we don’t want to find your dirty dishes all over the kitchen/field and we don’t want to trip up over your wellies on our way to bed. Just because we’re living outside the confines of mainstream society for a while doesn’t give you an excuse to forget basic human decency. Pay attention to what you do with your things, take responsibility for your things and treat the space you are in well.


Yes, washing up is annoying, Yes, you’d rather be hanging out with your friends, Yes, you’re really tired, but NO you cannot miss clan. By coming to an event, you agree to help make sure that everything runs smoothly. In order for that to happen everyone needs to pitch in. Remember, when you don’t show up to clan, the job you should have been doing has to be done by somebody else, meaning they don’t get as much time to enjoy themselves as they should. Essentially, by skiving on clan, you’re stealing someone else’s fun. Don’t be a fun thief, be a good person instead.


We work really hard to make sure there’s loads of fun things for you to do all day and night, but all that work is wasted if you don’t show up. Don’t just hang out in your tent the whole time: try something new, go to a workshop or even run a workshop yourself!


Finally, just be aware that events do not happen around you. Don’t take it for granted that somebody else will do it, if you see a problem do something about it, and if that problem disappears before you can remember that it wasn’t magic: it was one of your friends. Camps are meant to be fun for everybody, and that means making sure it’s not the same 5 people doing everything.

With these four Cs in mind, everyone can have the most amazing, most special events of their lives!!

(and if anyone can think of a way to make the last one start with C please email [email protected])